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Under Reconstuction

All images taken in the travels of Ocular Felicity

Typically focused on landscape photography, but with your participation, portrait photography will be my next avenue of exploration!

Ocular Felicity Images is your source for high quality decorative prints in a range of formats from framed desktop prints to large room enhancing wall art. 


Photographer service also available.


A Range Of Possibilities

Anyone interested in having personal portraits or similar photos taken, please contact me with your ideas!

Contact: Damian@ocularfelicity.com

Stay Tuned...

If you are a return visitor, thank you so much for your return! New horizons are in sight for Ocular Felicity Images. I hope you will join in with the journey, and participate if you are so intrigued!

Please return soon, or reach out directly!

Contact: Damian@ocularfelicity.com